Stop Smoking in Thanet and Canterbury, and all other areas of Kent

Research in the United States has presented strong evidence that hypnotherapy may be the best way to help hospital patients to quit smoking.   A study in Massachusetts found Clinical Hypnosis was more than 3 times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy (nrt).   The findings were presented to the Annual International Scientific Assembley of the American College of Chest Physicians in 2007, which heard how a team from North Shore Medical Centre provided smoking cessation for patients with heart and lung disease. 

The outcome was that patients who smoked and took part in a single
hypnotherapy session were - six months later - far more likely to still be Stop Smoking in thanet
non-smokers than other patients who had used nicotine replacement
therapy alone or who had tried to quit "cold turkey".

I have studied various forms of techniques used by hypnotherapists
and taken what I feel are the most powerful parts, and amalgamated
them to form The Committment Method.   The session lasts about 2 hours and is suitable for those who are highly motivated to become non-smokers.   I have used this method very successfully and am so confident of its success that, in the unlikely event that you go back to smoking within one month, I will provide a further session free of charge. 

" Hi Vince, I have now gone 9 weeks without a cigerette and feel really good. The first 2 weeks were really tough and then gradually, it got a little easier. I just wanted to say thank you."   Emma, Kent


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