Weight loss in Canterbury,  with top professional advice covering exercise, nutrition and psychological methods of reducing weight. The best weight loss advice available in Kent, in an affordable package.

Kent weight loss specialist Vincent Benedict and fitness/nutrition expert Rob Cannon have joined forces to produce one of the best weight loss packages around. 

If you don't have the time to attend regular appointments, or you just want a taster of what is available, then this is the ideal introduction for you.

For the amazing price of just £99, you receive the following, from two of the leading names in  the weight loss industry.

a.   One session with Vincent Benedict, lasting about one and a half hours.   During this time, we will discuss ways to improve your relationship with food, tackle any food addictions you may have, and you will also undergo an hypnotherapy session.   You will also receive an hypnotherapy cd to play at your leisure.

b.   One session with Rob Cannon, either in a gymnasium in Canterbury, or at your location.   Rob will spend some time training you to ensure that you are carrying out exercises correctly and safely, and he will also put together an exercise schedule for you.   Rob will also look at your existing diet and suggest ways to improve your nutrition.












        Vincent Benedict,
  leading Kent hypnotherapist,
   specialising in weight loss.




Rob Cannon, UKBFF Under 90kg Intermediate Champion,
 will be offering advice in exercise
and nutrition, as part of this package.

Phone 077 8215 8008 today, to discuss if this is the right package for you!                   
       Only £99, limited places.