Recover from a broken relationship and enjoy life again.   Relationship Counselling in Thanet, Canterbury and all other areas of Kent.

Most people have experienced the pain, desparation and confusion of a broken relationship.   You invested a part of yourself, your future, in that relationship.   When your relationship ended, that future was removed.   No wonder it hurts.

Some people recover fully after a few months and continue
to lead relationship counselling thanethealthy, normal lives.   Others get stuck in destructive thoughts which repeat continuously during the day, and
eventually lead to stress and depression.   Using my
techniques, I can help you get rid of obsessional thinking
and remove the emotional pain; you will feel free to enjoy
life fully again.   For some people the change is instant and dramatic; for others the effect is more gradual and they find
they get better day by day.



Give me a call on the number below, and let us have a chat to discuss how we can give you back your life.


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