VIP weight loss in Thanet, Canterbury and Kent.   Intensive 3 months of personal coaching to lose weight.

If you are serious about losing weight and have 3 months to devote to your weight goals, then this is the course for you.   I will work with you personally on a weekly basis.   I will also provide a top fitness instructor/nutritionist, at least once every 2 weeks.   Any exercise schedule can be taken at your home, a local gym or on the road. 

All I ask is that you are totally motivated and determined to do whatever is necessary for you to reach your target weight.   The techniques I teach you will help you to continue losing weight, long after the 3 months are over.

Each client will have a personalised structured programme, following an initial consultation.   The total investment from you will be £1200 and this price reflects the amount of support and time you will receive from me, and other professionals.   Phone me on 077 8215 8008 if you feel that the VIP package is for you.




 Vincent Benedict Dip Hyp CS, DipSPC, CertTH, LHS
Tel No:   07782158008              Email: